For many people, buying or selling a home is the only contact they will have with a solicitor, but for other people, who perhaps don’t live happily ever after, a family solicitor is essential to ensure that you get what you are entitled are, whether it be the house in a divorce settlement, or advice about inheritance claims.

1. A pre marital agreement is an agreement between a couple before they get married, that will set out what will happen in the event that the marriage breaks down. Whilst not legally binding in England and Wales, they can be used by a court. They’re also useful if one partner has considerably more assets than the other before the marriage.

2. Civil partnerships are becoming more common, and more and more people are deciding to take their relationships further and make them legally binding. If you’re not sure of what’s involved, or are unaware of the legal implications, then you might need the advice and assistance of a family solicitor.

3. If you are getting divorced for whatever reasons, you’ll want to make sure that you get all that you are entitled to, with the minimum hassle to make this very difficult time more bearable.

4. If you’re not married but cohabiting, and want to know more about separating, and your rights, then a family law solicitor will be able to help you understand what’s involved.

5. You might be anxious about having to sell your home, or having to find an appropriate home big enough for the children, and near a school. Your family solicitor can help you with all you need to know.

6. You will also want to know what will happen regarding access or the living arrangements of your children after divorce or separation. You might be able to work out what’s best for the children amicably, but you might not. Legal advice will be able to ensure that your children are not caught in the middle of the split, any more than is necessary.

7. Collaborative law allows former partners to negotiate access rights to their children in the presence of lawyers but without the court process, so that they can decide for themselves.

8. The rights of grandparents are often not considered during the divorce or separation process. If you are a grandparent then you still have rights, and a family law solicitor will be able to ensure that you can still see your grandchildren.

9. If you’re thinking of moving in with your partner, a family law solicitor can help you understand the legal implications of living together.

10. Although wills are often straight forward, sometimes inheritance claims are made. If you think that you might have not received something you were entitled to, a family law solicitor can help you.

Now you know more about the legal implications of getting married, divorced and the effects it have on your children and your finances, if you want help with your current situation, perhaps it’s time to speak to a Family Solicitor.

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